Top 3 Education Articles of the Week | Bills, Bullying & E-Learning

Here are some of the informational and educational articles that caught my attention this week. These articles discuss the introduction of a bill requiring schools to make fresh drinking water available to all students, awareness of bullying as well as the increase in online classes and education. The articles highlight some of the changes and advances that many schools are pushing forth.


Bill seeks to add free water to school menus – California state Senator Mark Leno has introduced a bill that requires schools to offer drinking water at no charge to students. It requires schools by next July to make fresh drinking water available where students get their meals. By incorporating healthy habits into the school day, students can carry them over into their future habits.

Is Bullying a Form of Student Voice? – Student voice addresses learning, teaching, and leadership in schools every day. There are two main forms, convenient student voice does what adults want, when we want it, how we want it, and in ways we want it to. Inconvenient student voice does not do want adults want. Framing bullying as a type of student voice can allow schools to address the problem in a more effective way by showing the roots of bullying.

Online Learning Expands at K-12 Level – More and more students are taking classes online and enrolling in virtual schools and courses. Some wonder if this is just as good as being in a real classroom while others see the benefits of more independence for the students.

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