Top 3 Education Articles of the Week | Appreciation & Social Networks

Here is a look at some of the top educational articles that caught my attention this week. From educational sites and resources to real world uses of technology, these articles highlight some of the featured topics from this week.

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Reasons I Love Teaching: #17: administrators

John Spencer reflects on the daily tasks of the administrators that work in schools, not just the daily routines of all the teachers. From accountants to curriculum specialists, they really do it all. These people are responsible for many different tasks and duties. Thanks to the hard work of these workers, schools can run more smoothly and successfully.

Tell a Story About a Great Teacher, Earn Money for Teachers

Microsoft, Bing and the teacher-supporting nonprofit Donors Choose have launched a program in honor of Teacher Appreciation Month. By simply telling a story about a teacher who played an important role or did something impactful in your life, you can contribute to the program. Bing will give a $5 donation (to give to Donors Choose) to help other teachers as well as mailing the comments to the teacher’s school.

Teaching Social Networking: Finger Dipping

This post offers an entertaining, yet insightful look at social networking in education. Joe Bower discusses how social networks are not always positive, and therefore must be creative. With the powerful tools that are available, there can be endless ways to increase productivity in your own network if you use them wisely.

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