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Here are the top three articles of this week featuring online learning, trends, and a free university for parents.


The Pros and Cons of Online Learning

This article looks at the two sides of the coin: Is online learning effective? Most educators and EdTech specialists would argue that it is, and since it is still a newly implemented method in education, the measurement of its success is also new. Some of the benefits of online learning listed in the article include that online programs are inexpensive to run, provide students with alternatives to different learning methods, access to unique courses, and it allows educators to do what they do best: teaching.

10 Latest E-Learning trends grades K-12 

Sue Scheff from Jacksonville Parenting Teens Examiner summaries the latest trends in e-learning. The latest trends include iPads in the classroom, mobile learning, video games, adaptive learning, social media and social networking. This article is a great resource for EdTech specialists and education majors learning new methods for classroom teaching.

Parent University in Philadelphia

An extraordinary way to involve parents in the learning success of their children is to educate them as well. This video, featured in CNN, explains how a the school District in Philadelphia is offering courses for parents to expand their learning and achieve personal goals that they may have put to a hold. Many students are learning subjects well beyond what they parents were taught when they were in school. Not only has technology advanced since then, but also teaching methods for math, science, etc. The goal of the program is to offer parents facts, skills and resources to help their children with not only school work but beyond. The video shows parents participating in the program are grateful for the free classes offered and can see great results already.

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