Top 3 Articles of the Week | Facebook, Skype, and Video Games

Technology, Social Media, Mobile Learning, video games, which are rapidly changing, are now all part of education. Here are the three articles that can help you stay on top of edtech this week:

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Facebook Friending 101 for Schools – this article by educator and blogger Vicki Davis, summarizes a way to set your Facebook profile with permissions on how to friend different people in the schools, including students and parents. It also shows a “real life” example of why it’s important to teach students about securing their setting in Facebook so that they aren’t victim of cyber bullying and more. Ms. Davis’ blog is the first in a series she will continue on Social Media for Schools.

Skype’s Dedicated Network for Educators – Great news announced this week by online communication company Skype! The beta version of Skype in the Classroom was launched last December and now offers more tools, including a projects feature where teachers can find classes, partner teachers, speakers, and help with a project. Educators have been using Skype for a long time in their classrooms, and the company saw an opportunity to help expand their features to benefit teachers around the world. As of today, there are 7,612 teachers register and 207 projects created.

Video Game Schools: the schools of the Future? – Quest to Learn (Q2L) is a school in New York where students are learning in a very original way, by becoming the subject and playing and programming video games. The staff of educators includes video game designers and computer experts. Integrating digital media and education at this school, has shown great results and they are now expanding to Chicago. This articles describes the success of the school and how they are keeping the integrity of their vision for the new Chicago location.

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