“This book’s gonna be a good book!” – Reading-Inspired Video

Ocoee Middle School, located in Ocoee, Florida, is celebrating reading in a whole new way.The school is the state technology demonstration school for Florida. When staff and officials saw the Flash mob scene from the Oprah and Black Eyed Peas show, they were inspired.

They wanted to try the same concept but have it educationally inspired. The school’s mission is “to lead our students to success with the support and involvement of families and the community.” Through this video, they did just that.

The school hired a professional singer to write and sing lyrics relating to reading and literacy. The concept of the song is to encourage kids to prepare and read for the FCAT test. The video features children of all different backgrounds singing and dancing along to the song.

This is a feel-good video that is perfect for inspiring children to read more. “Gotta Keep Reading” talks about the importance and fun in reading. Some lines in the song include “Pick up that book / And turn the page / You’ll never know / Just what you’ll find.” The song is catchy, fun and easy for kids to sing along to. You can see a copy of the lyrics by clicking here.

The song and video even has its own Facebook page where you can become a fan of “Gotta Keep Reading” and communicate with others who enjoy this video and reading.

This is a great video for parents to share with children and celebrate reading!

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