“There’s an App For That” and the iPogo Can Do it!

Sesame Street has always been popular with children. With fun characters and important lessons, it is no wonder why it has been so well-accepted by children of all ages for so many years. The show has recently taken their videos to a new direction. Featuring new trends in pop culture and the media, their latest video highlights social media and technology, specifically the iPhone/ iPod / iPad craze. The main feature in the latest video stars the fictional “iPogo,” which resembles many of the famous Apple products.

Many of the iPhone commercials feature the slogan “There’s an app for that” which emphasizes the large variety of things the Apple products can do. From finding directions to a new location, to scanning gas stations for the best prices, these apps have a wide range of capabilities and features.

In this video, the characters learn about the “iPogo” which can do a lot of crazy things. It can comb a cat, fix a flat, or watch a chimp who likes to chat, just to name a few! The characters show the great range of random activities that the iPogo can help its users accomplish. The video pokes fun at all the apps that are available on the Apple products, while using a rhyming scheme that is fun and educational for kids to listen and sign along to.

This video is yet another great example of how Sesame Street works hard at combining popular culture, education and fun, in order to help kids to learn!

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