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VoiceThread is an interactive tool that allows for the sharing of group conversations and discussions on a browser-based web application, without the use of software.

Basically, VoiceThread is a multimedia slide show that can hold images, documents and videos. People can leave comments and collaborate by leaving messages with voice, text, or audio and video file. Users can even “doodle” with basic drawing tools at the same time they comment. All VoiceThread files can be embedded to show and receive comments on other websites and exported to MP3 players. You can add discussions to websites, blogs or other educational media.

VoiceThread is great for children to collaborate on group projects. It supports dozens of standard file formats as well as PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. One account can have many identities, so a whole group can come together on a project. Each participant can give their separate perspective on a subject. VoiceThread is also a great way for children to collaborate with different solutions for the same problem.

Users first upload images, documents or videos, which are added to the VoiceThread. This is saved and the URL is available for sharing purposes or to be exported. VoiceThread can then be used to start discussions about coursework or assignments.

Comment moderation allows for picking and choosing of what comments are to be shown. The VoiceThread site is user-friendly and great for group meetings or projects. With active participants, the possibilities with VoiceThread are endless.

VoiceThread is a unique way for classrooms from all over the world to connect. With a variety of ways to add new content and its user-friendly navigation, VoiceThread would be a great addition to any learning environment.

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