The “Meandering Musings” of Inspirational Teacher John Spencer

“A Rebel Without a Remainder”

John Spencer’s blog Meandering Musings of an Indie Teacher is an inspiration for educators in and out of the classroom. Spencer is an innovative, passionate, and progressive educator and blogger. His Indie Teacher blog has been called elegant and succinct. Using words, visuals, multimedia, and dialogue Spencer effectively bridges the gap between progressive educational theory and practice. His insights are genuine and his purpose is simple: “I teach. I write. I live. I want to do all three authentically.” Spencer is now in his fifth year of teaching Social Studies in an urban Phoenix, Arizona middle school. To learn more about Spencer, view his Google doc below.

“The best way to teach is to begin with listening, to be authentic, and to take the risk and be creative.” – John Spencer

Spencer teaches social studies content by engaging students in authentic learning experiences. His tools of choice? – Critical thinking, discussion, and some paintbrushes. Spencer’s students started a Social Voice Online Social Studies Magazine, which transformed into the IMPACT program. His students learn content while engaging in community service, create documentaries, murals, and various other creative social ventures.

Involvement and community

Meaningful experiences

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Teaching Unmasked – “Why I am More of a Teacher When I am Less of a Teacher”

Spencer has also published two books, which are both worth your while, Sages and Lunatics and Teaching Unmasked. Sages and Lunatics is “the story of a journey to recover what we lost when we transformed education into a factory.” In his most recent book, Teaching Unmasked, Spencer explores paradoxes of education such as “learning increases when teaching decreases.” The book is available for free online or at a low cost on Kindle and Amazon.

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“My goal isn’t to change the world or make a difference. If I take that as my motive, I’ll be an imperialist, moving into the ghetto and force-feeding middle class ideology.” – John Spencer

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