The iPad HD (iPad 3) – Release & Educational Value

The iPad HD was announced on March 7th and released on March 16th.  Over several million iPad 3’s have already been sold, making this the best launch of an iPad yet.  This version of the iPad boasts a new HD screen that is capable of 1080p resolution, a higher resolution camera, and a faster processor.  There have also been numerous software updates to take advantage of the new features.


This iPad is priced the same as its predecessor, which makes it a great value.   The iPad is a great family resource for both fun and educational purposes.  Children can use the iPad to not only play games and watch movies, but as a productivity tool to write papers, create presentations, record and edit a video, among many other things.

New Retina Display

The advantage of the new HD display is that it is much sharper than previous versions and eliminated all pixilation.  This provides a far superior viewing experience when reading books, surfing the web, playing games, looking at photos, or watching video.  This new technology is not found on any other tablet computing devices.

Higher Resolution Camera

The iSight camera is a 5-megapixel camera with high end optics that takes HD quality photos and video.  There is a light sensor that now helps in taking higher quality high and low light photos.  The autofocus is great for children, which allows the camera to quickly balance, set the exposure, and utilize the face detection.  The video camera now takes full 1080p HD resolution video, and also has a higher resolution camera that will be great for children to use for school projects.  They can take photos and videos and then edit them in iPhoto and iMovie to build classroom projects.

4G Capability

The iPad 3 also is upgraded with the availability of 4G internet access.  This increase in speed allows users to download, upload, browse, and access multimedia online faster.  It can also act as a wireless hot spot for other mobile devices. When on the go and not around a Wi-Fi access point, this will make the iPad more useful on the go.  This will be great for children to continue learning, even on the road.

Software Updates

With the release of the new iPad, there were also updates to old software and new releases of software.  New app availability includes Dictation, a voice to text program and iPhoto, a photo editing program.  Updates were released for iOS, Garage Band, iMovie, and the entire iWorks suite (Pages, Numbers, Keynote), and expanding the types of files that can be backed up on iCloud.  These updates allow for the increased versatility of the iPad as a powerful mobile computing device.  Children can use these apps to develop creative projects for both personal and school use.

Article By Laura Ketcham-VanHellemont

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