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The stories of Dr. Seuss are some of the most popular tales that kids and adults both enjoy. From books and movies, the characters of Dr. Seuss are recognized almost instantly. With titles like Green Eggs and Ham and The Cat in the Hat, the creativity and storylines are some of the most entertaining for first time readers and elementary aged children.

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Dr. Seuss Story Maker is a fun site that will have kids begging to write stories! Found on the Dr. Seuss playground, which has tons of games and activities for kids, the story maker allows students to chooses characters from the popular Dr. Seuss story, Horton Hears a Who! to help them create a story.

Children can choose from different backgrounds for the settings, musical styles and characters for each scene. They simply type in what they want each character to say. There are easy steps that allow you to do this for each of the three scenes you are able to create. When the children are done typing in the story and editing each scene, they pull the lever on the screen and watch as their story unfolds before their own eyes! The colors and scenes are great for projecting onto interactive whiteboards so groups of kids can show off their stories!

This tool can be useful in developing story ideas that will be expanded, or just as a fun, educational tool! Parents can reinforce concepts of story mapping by having children create their own stories. With Dr. Seuss in control, there is no telling what your kids will come up with!

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