Texting, Messaging…Studying?

Most kids these days are great multi-taskers. They can do so many things at one single time. They can simultaneously talk on the phone, watch television, and browse the Internet like it’s their job! But what about studying? People often spend their study hours free from all of these other “distractions”.

What if text messages and instant messages could actually provide help in the studying process? There is now a way that they can be used to aid in this process. Since most people know that kids and teens are on their phones and computers for many hours of the day, incorporating studying into that factor can only benefit them.

Study Boost decided to do something about this interesting fact. With their site, kids can sign up for an account to link their instant messaging services and text messaging services to their Study Boost account. Once this is done, they can create their own questions or use ones already made by others that they will use to activate. These chosen questions will be sent to the child through their mobile devices in specified time intervals.

Children can answer those questions and get feedback, all within the IM or text message! This service is great for kids who are always on the go or busy juggling many activities. It’s another way to get instant feedback and keep ideas and exercises fresh in your mind! Educators can even create study questions that their children can then practice with. It’s a win-win situation for all!

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