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Over the next few months, most children in the United States will be taking a variety of standardized tests to measure their learning gains.  Building knowledge is an essential skill to performing well on a test, however there are other test taking strategies and preparation that can help your child be successful on standardized tests.

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There are many online resources that can help children to improve their test taking skills.  Some websites provide information that parents can pass on to their children through practice of certain strategies, while others provide an online test taking environment.

Test Taking Tips

One website with valuable test taking information is www.testtakingtips.com. This site is great for older children and parents.  They have check lists of information for test taking, note taking, reducing test anxiety, study skills, and even a specific section for parents.  These tips can then be applied when a student is completing home learning assignments, studying for a quiz or test, or actually taking a quiz or test in the classroom.  Practicing the skills before a high-stakes test allows the child to practice the skills and see their success.

General test taking tips include preparing properly for the test (studying, paying attention in class, taking notes, reviewing, completing homework, etc.), get a good night’s sleep, eat a good breakfast, and plan to be early so you are not rushed.   Some important tips for taking test that include multiple choice options are to read all of the choices before selecting an answer, eliminate answers that you know aren’t correct, think of the answer before reading the choices.

Other similar resources for test taking and learning guides include:

Study Guides & Strategies

Scholastic – Standardized Tests

Interactive Test Taking Programs for Kids

Houghton Mifflin has a great math education page for kids in grades one through six to practice math test taking strategies.  The site is broken down into three components:  test quest, test prep practice, and brain teasers.  Test Quest includes information about test taking strategies specifically for math, you select the topic, and then the child will be given a sample question using the strategy being taught, then they get to try using the strategy on their own.  Once a child feels confident they have learned the various strategies they can go onto the test prep practice section where they will take can utilize the strategies further in a 10 question test based on math and study skills.  The brain teasers section provides enrichment learning with math-based word problems.

Review Sample Tests

Many states also have samples of their standardized tests including previous tests that have been released that can be found online.  If you search by using the key words “practice test for” and then include the state, you will find many resources.  These can be used at home to help children to practice answering the questions and utilizing the skills they learned from the resources above.  As the test nears, you can offer practice at home using the same timing and testing conditions.

Test taking skills are not just a natural ability, learning the skills and practicing can help a child to achieve higher testing scores.

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