Tessellation Creator

Tessellation ToolThis tessellation tool is great for exploring repeating patterns using polygons with students from elementary up through 8th grade.

Put it up on an interactive white board and let your children have fun clicking and dragging the shapes at the top to the canvas below.

The tools on the left allow you to rotate, zoom in and out, and copy shapes. To glue a group of shapes together, simply click and drag a rectangle around the selected shapes. To break apart a group of glued shapes, just click on the button with the hammer tool.

You can use the eraser tool to erase individual shapes or the ‘sweep’ tool to clear the entire screen.

Here are some activities you can try with your children depending on their age and ability:

Explore “Regular Tessellations”

o Form a regular tessellation using squares.
o Form a regular tessellation using hexagons.
o Form a regular tessellation using octagons.

Explore “Semiregular Tessellations”

Tessellations using two or more regular polygons are called semiregular tessellations, if their vertex arrangements are the same.

• Use triangles and hexagons to form a semiregular tessellation.
• Find a semiregular tessellation that uses three different shapes.

Have fun tessellating!


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