Tell Me Something….3 Storytelling Sites for Kids

Telling and sharing stories is one of the most creative things kids can do. It lets them use their imagination and open up their minds to a world they may have never even thought of.


Bookr– This simple tool is very interactive. You can create photo books from the picture sharing site, Flickr. All you have to do is search for images with keywords or tags and then write captions or story lines for them. When you’re done, the story appears as an animated flash flip book. The ease of the site makes it simple for kids to use. You can also share and view other books so it is a great place for resources!


StoryJumper – This site has been named the first online creative writing and publishing platform for children. The “StoryStarter” process provides a thought provoking questions and statements to help get ideas flowing and wheels turning! With a free set of writing tools, children can write, illustrate and publish their own stories. Clicking “create” will allow students to choose a fun template to help build a story. With themes and a library of artwork, they can add more detail to their work. Sharing features allow students to show off their work. For those master writers, there is even an option to make hard cover versions of the books!


Five Card Flickr – On this site, you are randomly dealt pictures from Flickr. You then have the chance to put these pictures together to tell a story. This tool is useful for kids who want to be inspired by pictures to tell a story. You can alternatively write a story on this site and save it to a gallery. This puts a fun game-like twist on a traditional story telling tool.

No matter how you do it, story telling is an exercise that gets kids thinking creatively. These tools are just some of the many that can help you get started!

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