Tell a Story in a Whole New Way!

For kids and adults alike, telling a story can be an exciting and very personal activity. You can tell stories about things that happen in everyday life, real situations you have been in and even fictional stories that teach an important lesson.


Blurb has just launched Blurb Mobile, compatible with the iPhone, and iPod Touch. This application is a great platform for users to create mobile stories that are shareable. Using your own photos, videos and audio, you can really bring your stories to life.

This application is a great way for mobile users to become digital storytellers! It is such a quick and easy way to use your own media to tell an engaging story. It allows people to create a story with a personalized narrative.

Not only can you use your own media in your story, but you can rotate, crop, scale and sequence events with a drag-and-drop feature. You can also incorporate geotags and edit content as you wish.

Blurb also allows you to select from one of the seven different themes that are available. You can add text and voice captions, too. Creating stories also allow you to share them through outlets like email, Facebook and Twitter. This makes the creation and delivery of such stories, as easy as can be!

The Blurb Mobile app is free and available in the Apple App Store. I can definitely see parents and children finding a use for this app. Whether it is for work or play, a simple way to tell a story is always at-hand!

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