Technology Teaching Kids to Tell Time

Learning how to read a clock is a very important skill that all children must learn. Learning to tell time is a skill that is covered in the early years, however many children do not master this skill.  It is important that parents get involved in the process of helping children learn how to tell time on both an analog and a digital clock.  There are many different technology tools that can be utilized to help your child learn how to tell time.


Time Monsters

Time Monsters is an online animated site for children to learn time.  The main character, Professor Tempo leads children through the skills of learning to tell time broken down starting with learning the hour numbers on the clock and ending with reading the minute hands.  Each skill has its own animated story lead by Professor Tempo provides an overview of the skill and then a hands-on activity.  Without even saving, each time you go back to the site it will start your child where they left off.   Quizzes and printables are also provided on this site.

Apples for the Teacher – Learning Time

Apples for the Teacher has an online interactive quiz to help children to practice telling time by comparing a digital clock to an analog clock.  This is a good activity for older children who are struggling with telling time.  Another game that they offer, clock practice, has children drag the hour and minute hands to match the time that is represented in the question.  Both of these sites can be used for practice, after the skills have already been taught.

Live in Nanny Blog – 10 Fun Ways to Teach Kids to Tell Time

The blog, Live in Nanny, has informative articles based on education and raising a child.  A recent post includes many great ideas to help children to learn how to tell time.  Her ideas include songs, games, books, toys, videos, crafts, and online reinforcement.  Each topic contains a link to an example.  The YouTube video, “Hip Hop Around the Clock”, was really catchy teaching children to learn time through song, technology, and visual representation.

Flik-Flak Telling Time Watches

Flik-Flak is a brand of analog wrist watches specifically designed for young children to learn how to tell time.  The hour, minute, and second hands are very prominent and different colors on the watch face.  This helps the children to be able to determine which hand is used to tell the hour, minute, and second. On their website, Professor Flik, guides children through learning how to read their watch with the characters Flak (the hour hand) and Flik (the minute hand).  The site also has an online game for children to practice their time telling skills with Flik and Flak.  The child has to be able to read the analog clock and then enter its digital value.  Providing your child with their own wrist watch is a great way to have them practice at home.

Teaching children to learn how to tell time is both a school and a home activity.  There are many ways a parent can get involved in teaching children to tell time through the use of technology and online resources.

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