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With so many bloggers hitting the net these days, it can be hard to sift through which blogs are good to follow and which are not.  When looking for a good blog to follow you should looks for an engaging author with a personal approach to writing who addresses current trends of topic being covered.  The blogger should also be posting on a regular basis that includes accurate and pertinent information, pictures, videos, and links. Here are a few of the blogs that I recommend on the topic of education and technology for parents.


Tech Savvy Mama

Tech Savvy Mama, Leticia, is a blogger who is a former teacher and mom from DC.  Her background is in educational technology and she is a writer for numerous other online magazines and forums.  Her blog focuses on education, technology, and parents.  Topics range from cyber safety, child-friendly apps and video games, tech tips for parents, to reflections of her trips to various technology conferences and companies.  She is able to share what she has learned from so many different places and from her travels and hearing great public speakers on the topics of education and technology that it is like you were actually there at the event or conference.  Her posts are current contain up-to-date information great for parents and teachers alike.

Little Tech Girl

Little Tech Girl, Kris, from Chicago is a mom who loves technology, and has a background working in information technology as a network administrator.  She is a true tech-geek.  Her blog is more tech-focused including product reviews and suggestions for apps, tech gadgets, games that are both parent and kid approved.  This blog would be more appropriate for the tech-savvy parents.  She keeps her blog current with posts several times a week and has a witty straight-forward writing style.  Some of her recent posts include top tech gadgets for the holiday season, iPhone apps, the Cheerio’s sendCheer campaign to support veterans and troops, and parental controls for the iPhone.   The only downfall to her blog is that it is a big ‘ad’ heavy on the top and right-hand side of the screen which makes the page a little slower to load.

Geek Dad

Geek Dad is a blog that is hosted by Wired Magazine and authored by several different tech-geek fathers. This blog is more geared for boys and men as the tech insights, reviews, and information relate more to topics like Star Wars, Legos, and video games.  The posts review video games, board games, toys, apps, accessories, and websites.  Since there are various authors there is more than one post per day and the topics vary by author making it even more interesting and engaging.  The most interesting thing I learned about on this blog is Google a Day.  Google provides a puzzle that you have to solve by utilizing different search options within Google.  It is fun for adults and kids alike.

These blogs along with the Learning Today blog help to provide different perspectives of technology, education, parenting, and children the when combined together help to build an informed and tech-savvy parent.

Article By Laura Ketcham-VanHellemont

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