Technology and Learning – Finding a Happy Medium

We all know that technology seems to be creeping its way into education. Some teachers ban the use of cell phones and iPods in the classroom, while others enforce the use of these tools. There can be a great discussion on this need for a balance.

Dr. Bena Kallic discusses how we need to develop a good balance of technology in the classroom. Dr. Kallic is a strategic advisor for SunGard Public Sector and private consultant to school districts and education departments and organizations. She focuses on group dynamics, creative and critical thinking and alternative assessment strategies in the classroom and has many years of experience in this field.

Kids in schools today are just like all other people in society. We can get online at anytime, surf the Internet and watch videos. Sometimes this area acts as a blur to students, since as Dr. Kallic puts it, “the neighborhood is in the school, and the school is possibly in the neighborhood”. When kids come to school, they already have their music players plugged in, cell phones on and other forms of technology that they take from outside of school and bring it inside.

Sometimes teachers and schools have a hard time developing appropriate rules for this balance. Dr. Kallic discusses the need to think about the rules that we have and the ones we have had in the past. We need to think about making adjustments to these rules. Why not use the iPod to listen to a lecture from a famous speaker? Blogging to display class projects and wikis for discussions are just a few of the millions of thing technology makes possible in the classroom. Just as the video shows, teachers need to learn to use these devices in a way that enhances learning, rather than seeing it as a barrier.

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