Teaching by Doing- Special Needs Children

Teaching children with special needs can be a challenge at times. Michael Leventhal, who uses technology to teach children with special needs, is currently assisting a collaboration to promote the use of video modeling at home.

An article written by Leventhal describes how there has been recent research on video modeling and teaching children with autism. Video modeling, where students learn by watching a model on a video demonstrate a certain skill, has led to successful results because of the fact that kids love to see themselves and others on video.

This method has been tested in areas such as communication, disruptive classroom behavior, stuttering, public speaking anxiety and treating children with autism, just to name a few.

Videos can be a great learning tool. Between computer games, television shows and interactive school lessons, video modeling can only contribute to engaging children in an educational way.

Find more videos like this on Technology Integration in Special Education

Here is an example of a basic life skill (covering your mouth while you sneeze) demonstrated through the technique of video modeling. Find more videos like this on Technology Integration in Special Education as well as resources to help use technology to teach children with special needs. With just a simple video or digital camera, anyone can make a video and customize it to meet each child’s specific needs. Parents can get creative with these videos and really make it fun for each child to learn by example. Although there is not heavy research on this area, it is always encouraged to try new teaching methods.

There are currently about 240 groups and people who are blogging, tweeting and researching the use of video modeling to teach autistic children. There have even been studies at Indiana University demonstrating that videos like the one above are effective in helping children with autism and other disorders develop social and daily living skills. If we lead by example, we can hopefully teach this way too.

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