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Episode 23 – August 20, 2010

Feature of the Week – “Os Gemeos Mural”

  • 80 foot mural on NYC public school wall
  • Promoting unity and the idea of “one world”
  • Combines famous painters, graffiti artists, creative companies, etc.
  • Inspire students and locals in communities to use differences to make the world a better place

Watch and Learn – “You Can’t Be My Teacher”

  • Students who are advanced in technology must be taught by teachers who are, too
  • Opposing viewpoints that books and traditional materials are still important and that technology is more important than anything.
  • Teachers must be up-to-date with technology but a good balance and combination of traditional material is important, too.

Teach This – 10 Outstanding, Easy to Use Sites for Downloading Lesson Plans

  • Free Sites
    • Scholastic Teaching Resources and Student Activities
    • NCTM Illuminations
    • HotChalk’s™ Lesson Plans Page
    • SqoolTech’s SqoolTools
    • Teach-nology
    • A to Z Teacher Stuff
    • Teachers.net
    • Pete’s Powerpoint Station
  • Sites Worth Paying For
    • EdHelper (Price: Basic $19.99/year, Everything $39.98/year)
    • Lesson Planet (Price: Standard $39.95/year, School or District $29.95/year per teacher)

E-Freebies – Grant Opportunities

  • Toshiba America Foundation
  • Digital Wish
  • The Wells Fargo Foundation

So, What Do You Know?

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