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Episode 19 – July 23, 2010

Feature of the Week – Special Needs Kitchen

  • Custom-built, handicapped-accessible kitchen for its physically and mentally disabled students
  • Allows them to practice social skills, teamwork, reading and math
  • Gives them opportunities to practice independent living skills and real world tasks

#Hashtag Talk – Schooling, Learning, and Education Today | #Edchat Recap

  • Is there an agreed upon goal for education?
  • Schooling Vs. Learning
    • “I don’t want my students to be good at ‘school’, I want my students to be great at ‘learning’.
  • “college and career readiness”
  • The mission of education should be to empower students to become passionate, self-directed, lifelong learners armed with the critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, and collaboration skills needed to change and indeed save the world.

Watch and Learn – Rochester Green Schools

  • Educated school staff about the importance of conserving energy
  • Schools started forming teams to help spread awareness
  • Started projects and tasks within each school
  • Shows that a little effort can go a long way for our planet

E-Freebies – Green School Tips and Projects

  • Earth Day Network promoting green classrooms
  • Tons of ways to go green
  • Ideas for projects to make your school green
  • Benefits to your local community and environment

Teach This – 10 Grant Writing Tips for Teachers from #ISTE2010

  • Become an educational entrepreneur: team, research, schmooze!
  • Volunteer to be a grant reader.
  • Alignment, Alignment, Alignment.
  • DO NOT seem desperate
  • Be clear and specific. Over-explain.
  • Demonstrate the community connection: replicated, far-reaching imapact?
  • Think innovatively.
  • Invest in and enhance in your grant.
  • Clearly define your budget proposal.
  • Never give up; never surrender!

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