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Episode 30  –  Fri., Oct. 15, 2010

Feature of the Week – Advanced Kindergaten classess in Denver

  • DPS created at the request of parents with advanced children, a class for students in K that are above that level and possibly beyond reading
  • The student are challenged all the way to 5th grade and it doesn’t add additional cost to the district

Watch and Learn – Harlem Village Academy

  • Story of Deborah Kelly, and her school, the Harlem Village Academy
  • Education activist with strong opinions about equal education for all students
  • Focuses on teachers and their freedom to teach in different styles
  • The academy, which started with just two fifth grade classes, now has three schools that serve more than 700 children in low income areas of New York City.

Article –  Skype and Facebook Now Together

  • The new version of Skype allows subscribers to see their Facebook News Feeds and updates
  • Comments, likes, and wall post are also available
  • Download the new version at this link

E-Freebies – 4 Digital Storytelling Sites

  • Domo Animate
  • Shidonni
  • Fotobabble
  • XtraNormal

So, What Do You Know?

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