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Episode 16 – July 1, 2010

Feature of the Week

  • School for the Deaf
    • Mountain2Mountain is a nonprofit working in Afghanistan
    • Helping to build and start a school for the deaf children
    • This population is often not respected and not given opportunities
    • School will teach them to communicate with others and other life skills

#Hashtag Talk

  • ISTE10 – The big themes this year were digital citizenship, networked literacy, and web 3.0. The biggest roadblocks in the way of teaching this is the Locked Net Monster… Behind this = fear of cyberbullying and student safety. I will speak on this more during teach this.
  • My favorite quotes from the conference (idk how they all came from Angela Maiers… I was a little starsruck 🙂
    • You should be the mirror of the learner you want your students to be.
    • You get out of the web what you put into the web.
    • We need a contribution mentality not a completion mentality.
    • Kids are no longer on the web but OF the web.
    • Teach kids for their futures not our past.
    • Teach kids to be not to do.
    • This was my favorite session – entitled 21 Things.
    • Kids need to be taught to be infosumers, synthesizers, question askers, translators, contributors.

Watch and Learn

  • 1GOAL
    • Campaign to give all children and adults education opportunities
    • Using power of the World Cup and celebrities to help spread message
    • No donations, just requests to join the campaign and raise awareness

Teach This

  • CyberSafety
    • We cannot stand by and do nothing; pretend the social media world doesn’t exist.
    • Teach digital citizenship like we teach the rules of the road.
    • Your kids need to be involved in the production of Internet safety media. (example: http://supersocialsafety.blogspot.com)
    • We cannot teach this unless we are there, modeling.
    • No one is anonymous.
    • Incredible idea – we are not on the web we are of the web…. we need to have positive representations attached to our names online.


  • Vocabulary Sites
    • VocabAhead
    • WeboWord
    • A Maths Dictionary for Kids

So, What Do You Know

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