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Episode 6 – April 23, 2010

(Episode Length: 23 minutes, 57 seconds)


Welcome to e-Learning Today TV
Previous episode – Few Teachers Enter the Profession for the Money

Pick me up

  • K-State Proud
  • Kansas State University campaign
  • using random acts of kindness to help others
  • raise money to keep students in need in school

Current e-vents

  • World of Escher Tessellation Contest
    • Winners will be published on the World of Escher website and first place winners will receive a prize from the World of Escher online store.
    • The last day to submit artwork is May 31, 2010.
    • Download the contest entry form here.
    • TIP: Have your students complete a transformations tessellations dictionary to accompany the contest. Click the link above to view the how-to!


  • The Adjective Detective
    • interactive site to help grammar
    • fun activities and games
    • great for whole class instruction
  •   National Geographic Young Explorer
  • real, beautiful photographs
  • read aloud stories
  • educational and nature related topics
  • resources for teacher lessons

Hashtag talk

  •  #edchat: 4/20/2010 – 1800 CET – Should grading system be replaced with IEPs
  •  #140 Character Conference | 10 Tips on Creating a School 2.0 by Chris Lehmann
    • Schools need to change, calls for a school 2.0, learning communities that reflect the real-time realities of the children we teach.
    • Many teachers know we must change the way we teach, but don’t know HOW to change – the Maddening Paradox of Education 2010
    • Kids and classrooms can do and become things they never could before, so what can we do to harness the power of everyday tech tools and the real time web?
    • Such potential today to be truly authentic – but most schools are not utilizing this and many don’t even care. Why? “Because it doesn’t show up on the test… What we can do and are being asked to do are in disconnect.” We teach to the test.
    • 10 Tips on Creating a School 2.0 from Chris Lehmann




“Classes cannot be silos they must be lenses by which we few the world.”. Kids should be creating, researching, collaborating, presenting, and networking in ways we can only barely imagine.






“School isn’t preparation for real life. It IS real life!” Utilize, don’t ban the tools so necessary to their everyday lives.


We should learn HOW to think in school, not be told WHAT to think.


  • Final Takeaways: “Technology must be like oxygen… ubiquitous, necessary and invisible.”

Watch and learn

  • Do YOU Believe?
    • student speech to the Texas ISD
    • expressing the need to believe in children
    • importance of schools believing in children

Blogger of the week

Kevin Jarrett

  • K-4 Google certified computer teacher and technology facilitator at Northfield Community School in NJ, online educator for Walden University, blogger, consultant and workshop leader
  • Left 6-figure job at a corporation to become a teacher. He states, “ Leaving the corporate world was the best decision I ever made. If children are as important to you as making a difference in the world is, there is no better place on earth for you than the classroom…”
  • His edtech blog, NCS-Tech provides helpful resources for K-8 educators including the latest in educational technology.
  • His post – Top 10 Reasons to Attend a BarCamp (especially edCamp Philly)
  • 10. It’s free. 9. It’s (often) local. 8. No “boat show”. 7. There’s food. 6. Interesting, creative, hard working people – like you. 5. Barcamps are edgy. 4. Connect in person with people you know online. 3. Conference participants determine the schedule – that day. 2. The rule of 2 feet. 1. Relaxed, informal learning at its best.
  • Anyone interested in working together to prepare an edcamp South Florida?


  • Autism Awareness Month Free Apps
    • Kindergarten.com offering free apps
    • great for visual and auditory learners
    • practice basic problem solving and decision making skills
  • Edheads
  • Educational activities
  • aligned to state and national standards
  • real world applications
  • Better Lesson
  • Professional Teacher Network and Resource Exchange
  • Quick and easy access to the best lessons, units, and curricula in the world
  • Register as a beta tester

Teach this

  • Facebook Safety Center
    • new information for parents, teachers, teens
    • more details on reporting innapropriate use
    • information on monitoring accounts
  • Beyond Rocks and Regions – United States Geography Project
    • Unit complete with student activity guide, launch page, lesson plan, and rubric
    • Students use technology to work up Blooms Taxonomy as they gain, organize and share their knowledge.
    • Overall, technology is used in this project to enhance a dry and possibly boring geography research project into an exciting, higher-level geography project beyond rocks and regions.
    • Asks deep thinking questions such as: “How does geography affect our daily lives?
    • Create a vacation brochure for the state of their choice using mybrochuremaker.

Random Fact

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