Take a Trip in The Poetry Machine!

New curriculum and lessons are constantly being started. Poetry is a great unit that many parents can take full advantage of. With so many examples and great pieces of poetry out there, there are tons of interactive resources that can help expand your lesson and allow kids to have fun and express their creativity.


The Poetry Idea Machine is a great tool that will help kids use their inner creativity to write some poetry! In this tool, students will learn about the many different kinds of poetry. They can select from Haikus, Limericks, Cinquains or Free Verse. With the Poetry Idea Machine, students will get the chance to go through all the different steps of making each one of these different types of poetry.

This tool can be a great lesson starter for any poetry-related assignment or project. Children can view and learn about poetry and then get inspired to write their own unique pieces. They can even use it after a lesson in poetry to see more options of expressing themselves.

You can use one child’s ideas and develop them into a poem as a whole. This is a great teaching method that will get all the children involved in the final product. You can also test their skills on the different types of poetry by practicing with this site. Whatever the task may be, you can find your own creative way to use it!
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