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Summertime Makerspaces

Makerspaces are becoming very popular with the increase in the focus on STEM related careers. Science, technology, engineering, and math have been a focus of instruction in schools to help children prepare for the 21st century jobs, some that we don’t even know that will exist by the time our children enter the workforce!  The idea of Makerspaces is to incorporate learning activities that require

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An Epic! Reading App

Almost every child these days either owns a tablet or has one available for them to use.  They use them to play games, watch shows, and sometimes do school work.  Kids have no problem downloading free games and movies to fill their tablets.  When it comes to buying books however, it can be challenging for children to find free books.  Constantly having to ask

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Typing: A Necessary Skill

We live in a world filled with technology.  Even children love using tablets, phones, and computers to find information, read books, and play games.  With all this technology, many middle school teachers are requiring students to type reports and papers before turning them in.  While this is a great goal, many schools are not teaching typing to elementary age children. If you are wanting

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Educational Hi-Tech Christmas Gifts

Christmas is right around the corner. Most kids these days want some form of technology for Christmas.  The good news is that you can find gifts that are both technological and educational for children of all ages.  Here are a few technology filled gift ideas for you. The Nabi Tablet Nabi has several tablets suitable for all ages of children.  The tablets have a

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