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Google Presentation and Google Maps

Google Presentation and Google Maps are excellent tools for kids to use on their computers and mobile devices. Google Presentation is used to create visual presentations that can be accessed for your children to provide a unique display for a speech that they do in school. Instead of using PowerPoint, this is a great, creative alternative. There are slide background templates, transitions, and fun

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Google Sheets and Google Form for kids

Google Sheets and Google Form are best used by upper-elementary children and older, but some of the basic concepts can be used for younger children.  Sheets allows users to create data tables and graphs.  This is great for math and science projects.  Children can enter data from a problem or information that they have collected and then put it in a table to then convert

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Google Document and Google Drawing

Google Document and Google Drawing are great tools for kids to use to learn how to create and edit documents.  Google Document is a simple version of Microsoft Word with basic word editing features, formatting, and tables.  The online access for creation and the ability to make it automatically save data makes it easy for children to learn and use. It is used for

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What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is a convenient and simple way for children to learn about online storage and to create various types of documents for school and fun. With access to a free Google Account that a parent creates, students can create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, forms, maps, and more. Some schools even have school-friendly Google accounts that are setup and monitored by school technology staff.

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