Sweet Things You Can Do with a Tweet! – 4 iPhone Tweet Games

People can use the social media site Twitter to do so many things. From updating personal statuses, to getting news to advertising a company, the possibilities are endless. Some people like to have fun with these sites, and what better way to do so then to play game using Twitter?

With the thousands of apps that are out there, there is a few that have used Twitter to play a game with!  Here is a list of 4 apps that do exactly that!



For those Twitter addicts, PopTweets will give you the chance to show off all that knowledge! Focusing on celebrity trivia, this app takes current tweets of some of the most popular figures. Using them, you are asked to match the tweet with the person who sent it out. With categories like comedians, authors, sports, politics and movies and a constantly updated database, you can always find something new!

Super Twario

This free app will turn your Twitter stream into a Super Mario like video game! Much like a game, you will scroll through tweets as a bunny to continue on the board. By jumping on the tweets, you can perform a number of actions, like reply, retweet and message. You can even earn rewards!

Tweet Defense

This game is zombie-themed! Using your Twitter activities, you can build defenses for your tower that will help you fight them off! The more followers, tweets and actions you make, the better your defense!

Twit Cross

This app takes tweets from your account and followers and converts them into a crossword puzzle! You must fill in the letters to complete the tweet! With constant tweets updated, you can create a new puzzle every time you play! Tapping the user icon will show you the full tweet from the website.

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