Surfing the Net with Kids

Surfing the Net with Kids is an excellent website for parents and children to utilize to find great websites for learning.  There are parent approved links and reviews of popular websites for learning including websites based on holidays, academic subject areas, learning games, and even blog posts from the creator of the site.  Each topic is broken down with a review date, a general topic, and several links that correspond with that topic.  Below are some examples of several topics and link reviews that you can find on this site.


The History of the Internet

This Saturday will mark the first transmission over ARPANET, the first version of what we now know as the Internet.  Surfing the Net with Kids has 5 links to help children learn about the beginning of the Internet.  The links provides articles, pictures, historical dates and photographic timelines, of the importance of the development of the Internet and computing.  This is a great activity to sit down and read about with your tech-savvy kids this weekend.

Math Flash Cards

The Math Flash Cards link provides four links for sites that students can create or use math flash cards for learning.  All Math Flash Cards allows students to choose between subtraction, addition, multiplication, or division flash cards with numbers between 1 and 100.  There are options to have children to continue to try again if they get the answer incorrect and to keep score.  All of the flash card links are great to help children to improve their speed and accuracy of basic math facts.  It is also a great activity for when children don’t have a lot of homework or have a few extra minutes at home to spare.

Halloween Games & Links

Since many Halloween celebrations are this weekend, it would be great to combine learning with spooky fun of online games.  Games include costume dress up, puzzles, word scrambles, pumpkin video games, and Halloween hangman.  Many of these games are fairly simple for younger elementary children and provide more entertainment than direct correlation to learning.  All of these games can be found on the Surfing the Net site.

Daily Vocabulary & Phrases

Another great section with reviewed links is about daily vocabulary words and phrases.  These links include sites that can provide one word per day to expand a child’s vocabulary or common quotations and sayings that are important to learn.  In addition to finding these words online, they can be sent to a mobile device like a smart phone or tablet computer or via email once per day.  Word Smith, Quotations Page, and Merriam-Webster all offer great vocabulary building resources.

Surfing the Calendar

The best part of this website is the Surfing the Calendar portion.  Surfing the Calendar is located on the right-hand side of the home page of Surfing the Net with Kids.  This provides links to timely topics based on holidays, special topics that are celebrated in those months, or recognition days.  For example, this week is Red Ribbon Week, an awareness week for kids to stay drug free.  Clicking on the link brings you to a page that has 7 links to articles, activities, and information to kids to stay drug free.  The game, Sarah’s Quest, can an excellent ice breaker to use at home to start a discussion about the importance of being drug free with your tweens.

Surfing the Net with Kids is a great resource for parents to be actively involved with surfing choices at home.

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