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Jamie Oliver, famous chef, health campaigner and host of ABC’s Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, is very adamant about healthy eating habits for kids. Throughout the series, he travels to some of the unhealthiest cities in the United States, hoping to educate and change the eating habits of today’s children.

Jamie has come up with a petition. By signing the petition, you will be supporting the Food Revolution. America’s kids need better food at school and better health prospects. We also need to keep cooking skills alive.

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As I write this, there are already 585,030 people in the United States who have signed the petition. Some of the top states include Texas, California and New York, who have over 30,000 people each. Jamie hopes to take the petition to the White House and enforce change on our school food.

While you are signing the petition, you can check out the rest of the Jamie Oliver site. There are tons of free recipes and healthy eating ideas. You will find recipes which Jamie and his school team have developed. These meals are cooked from scratch with fresh ingredients.

There are also simple steps that every school can do to improve their lunches. You can read stories from people who are working towards getting rid of processed meals and lunches and their stories.

With sample school recipes and meal ideas, there are enough examples of healthy eating to inspire anyone who wants their children to grow up strong and healthy to cook and eat better. There are even videos that will help children and their parents cook easy and healthy meals at home. With tons of kitchen advice and tips, healthy eating will soon be the only way to eat!

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