Supermodels with Real Powers – Fighting for a Better Earth!

With the amount of cartoons that are being produced and aired on television each day, it is sometimes difficult to find ones that can teach meaningful lessons while also relating to kids.


International supermodel, Gisele B√ľndchen, has taken her fame and used it towards helping produce one of those important cartoons. Gisele has teamed up with AOL Video to produce Gisele and the Green Team, a web cartoon series of 26 episodes that includes lessons in environmental issues and self esteem for young girls.

Gisele and her friends, who happen to be supermodels during the day, use their superpowers to stop villains from destroying the environment. They also participate in other activities and hobbies, including eco-friendly shopping. The crew also sends out important messages to its viewers on the importance of trees, and tips for girls on how to stay strong and confident in the things they do.

Along with the webisodes, Gisele and the Green Team have a great interactive website for kids. You can watch all the latest webisodes here. In addition, you can sign up to become a member of the Green Team. You can participate in secret missions, play games about the environment and meet the other girls on the team. Best of all, there are tons of tips and information that you can use to help learn and take care of the environment.

These cartoons and website are perfect for showing young girls. It will inspire them to make a change in the environment and participate to do some actions that will really make a change in the world.

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