Summertime Learning Apps

Apps for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch are heating up this month with the beginning of summer.  There are great apps that children can play and learn.  Topics range from learning letters, spelling, and vocabulary to math concepts, science application, geography skills, and taking historical journeys.


Language Arts App

Words with Friends is one of the top free apps available at the Apple app store.  It is a great game for kids to play to build vocabulary and spelling skills.  It is very similar to Scrabble except that you can play seamlessly with your friends on your own time.  It connects you with your friends via your social networking accounts and email.  You can also search for users by their handle name.  After you take your turn, you wait for your mobile device to indicate that your opponent has taken their turn and then you take your turn again.  The app also is available on the Android platform.

Math App

Math Bingo is one of the most popular math apps on the market.  It has been one of the top educational apps for the past ten months.  Children solve addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division the correct answer is somewhere on the bingo card.  As they answer the questions correctly, a bingo bug will appear.  They have to fill in all of the bugs across, diagonal, or up and down to win.  Each math type has three different levels.  This is a game that kids can really grow with each year.  Also, there is an online version that is available for free.

Science App

Science 360 is the number 2 free iPad app today.  This app, provided by the National Science Foundation, provides amazing photos, video, and articles on popular science topics from around the world.  It is very engaging for children as the 360 view is fun to play with and even gave me the “ohhhhh, ahhhh” moment.  It made me want to click and see what stories and videos were linked to the photos.  The first video I watched was on the chemistry of the cheeseburger – how fun for kids while actually learning too!!

Geography App

Stack the States (or countries) is a fun game for children to learn facts about the states and countries along with learning the shapes and where they belong on a map.  If you answer the question correctly, then you get to drag and rotate the state to add it to the pedestal of states.  Once you reach the finish line, then you are leveled up.  You then earn a state (or country) that is added to your map.  It is very fun and kids learn as they play.  The lite version of this app is free, but does have ads at the top of the page.

History App

The Oregon Trail app is a blast from my past.  Children will have to take the journey from the Missouri River to Oregon where they will have to make decisions on paths to take and with problem solving when various troubles arise on the trail.  Children will learn the path, the place famous places that they will stop, and the various tribulations that the first followers of the trial encountered.  This app takes into account the interactive nature of using the mobile devices with tilt, touch, and shake games while on the journey.

Apps are a fun way to keep kids learning this summer.

Article By Laura Ketcham

Picture By MissMessie

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