Summer Fun Science Experiments

As the weather warms up, it is a great time to get the kids outdoors.  There are so many different types of outdoor science experiments that children can have fun doing and learn in the process!

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Making Homemade Ice Cream

One of the most popular science experiments for summertime is to have kids make ice cream by hand!!  It is actually quite simple and only requires a few materials and ingredients.  All you need is milk, vanilla, sugar, ice, salt, and both quart size and gallon size Ziploc bags (the exact amounts are provided in the link above).  You combine the ingredients, following the directions, and then in a few minutes you’ll be enjoying your homemade ice cream.

Science topics that can be covered while making the ice cream include learning about exothermic reactions (how the salt lowers the temperature of the ice), the properties of ice, the scientific method, and the importance of following directions.

Summertime Scavenger Hunt

Another fun activity would be to set up a scavenger hunt.

One scavenger hunt would be to have the children look around a local park or nature area to find various items on a list and the first team (or pair) to find all of the items would win a prize!  They could either collect the items or take pictures of the items to verify that they have found the items.  For example, you could create a list with the following:  Find 1 coniferous leaf/tree, 1 deciduous leaf/tree, a body of water, 1 reptile, 1 bird, 1 insect, and 1 mammal.  Then you could have them use a guide book to try to identify the items that they found.

Another version of the scavenger hunt (which would require more setup) would be to provide clues to the science related areas where the children would have to figure out the answer to the clue to then get to the next clue.  The first team done would win a prize.  Providing them with a nature guide book could be helpful for them to solve the clues to move to the next clue.

Ready, Set, Glow!

Ready, Set, Glow! is a summer science project for kids sponsored by the National Children’s Museum and the Museum of Science in Boston.  Children around the U.S. can become scientists by collecting data about fireflies in their area.  They provide the data collection worksheet and then the results are added online to the Museum of Science, Boston. This data is then analyzed to determine if there is a decrease is the firefly population.  This also provides children with an opportunity to view and analyze the data along with the scientists.  There are also online activities and games for children to learn about fireflies.

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