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Many children know how to complete homework assignments and projects without much help from their parents. However the “art” of studying is something that is more difficult. Different children will find different ways to help them study successfully to review for a quiz or a test.  This may include making flash cards of vocabulary and key facts, practicing similar math problems that they expect will be on their test, or reading through the textbook and answering review questions.  There are many apps out on the market that can help reviewing and studying for a test easier for your child.


Digital Flash Cards

Flashcards+ is a free app to make customized digital flash cards.  Flash cards can be used to review vocabulary and key facts that need to be memorized for a test.  This app has built in flash cards of common topics like capitals, Spanish vocabulary, and SAT words along with other user created flash cards that were created using The user setups the deck name, subject, and description, and then they add the information to the front and back of the cards.  These are then stored under “my decks”.  You then select the deck, swipe up to move to the next card, swipe down to see a previous card, swipe right to see the back of the card, swipe left to move back to the front of the card, check the mark in the bottom right hand corner if you answered the card correctly. This app is definitely a great way to study and is versatile for elementary students all the way through college aged students.

Math Manipulatives

Virtual Manipulatives is a popular math app.  This program helps children learn fractions, decimals, and percents by using a fraction slide bar that can be converted into decimals, fractions, and percents.  This way the child can visually see, move, and use the manipulative when solving problem.  The app allows the user to draw with their finger to write out and solve a problem, move the fractions (percentages or decimals) around within the work area, press down on the fraction to see the percentage equivalent, and overall provide a visual way of solving math problems involving fractions, percentages, and decimals.  This is a good tool to use when studying for quizzes and tests involving these concepts that are difficult for upper elementary students to master.

CliffsNotes App

I remember using CliffsNotes in high school to help me understand and study for literature related tests.  Some teachers considered this ‘cheating’ because it provides an analysis of the book along with essay ideas.  A student must realize that CliffNotes are created as a guide to analyze literature based on one interpretation to be used in conjunction with actually reading the book and is not the only way to view or analyze the test.  However, I found it a valuable resource that was much more accurate and helpful than searching online for help with literature.  The app itself is free however each book that you purchase the CliffsNotes costs $1.99.  A free version of The Scarlet Letter is available for preview.  Information about the book, a summary, character list, character map, chapter summaries and analysis, critical essays, quizzes, and a “CramCast” are provided.  This is a great resource to help teens build critical analysis skills when reading literature.

All of these apps are helpful in building study skills in preparation for quizzes and tests.

Article By Laura Ketcham-VanHellemont

Picture By Ant McNeill

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