Storytelling with a Digital Twist

One of the greatest things about stories is that they can be told in many ways. From narrations, to books, to movies and audio books, children can listen and tell their own stories in many different forms of storytelling. With the advances in technology and the popularity of computers today, digital storytelling is a great and easy tool to use. Here are 4 sites that you can use to get your children listening and learning!


Domo Animate – This free animation site, powered by Go! Animate, is a great source of cartoon animations. Children have freedom to make characters, dialogue, props, music and special effects. The drag and drop feature is one that is easy to use. Sets of emotions and actions allow the characters to come to life. With backgrounds, scenes and more effects, children can make their stories really come to life.

Shidonni – This very interactive site takes kids to an imaginary world where they can create their own world, full of games and animals and characters. These characters interact with each other in this safe environment, sharing thoughts or ideas with one another. The characters can be used to tell stories and express ideas. The amount of flexibility this site has is great, kids can really use it to show off their creativity in all areas.

Fotobabble – This is a great way to join photos and stories! All you have to do is upload a photo. You can then record your voice write to the picture. You can use this tool to tell stories about one or multiple pictures or scenes. The fun and ease of this site makes it simple and innovative for all children.

XtraNormal – This is a fantastic site that lets anyone become a director! The site claims “if you can type you can make movies! Children get to choose their own characters, sets, actors and music. They can then edit camera angles, effects and other factors that make their stories truly their own. This would be an amazing site to incorporate into storytelling and other projects that let kids take control of design and direction.

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