Story Time: Reading Comprehension – Author’s Purpose – First Grade

Here is a story about Noah and his grandma that introduces the concept of ‘author’s purpose’ to your lower elementary students.

After listening to the story, here are some questions to ask your students.

1. Why did the author write this story?
2: What word describes Noah at the beginning of the story?
3. What is Grandma like in the story?
4: What shape was the cookie Noah tried to make?
5. What is Noah good at?

One day, Noah heard his Grandma mixing something in a bowl. “Hey, Grandma, you’re making cookies. I’ll help!” Noah said excitedly. “You can put the raisins in the bowl,” Grandma said.

“I’m good at that,” said Noah. Noah picked up the box of raisins and shook them into the bowl. But he shook so hard, some spilled onto the floor. “That’s okay. There are still some left,” said Grandma. She picked up her rolling pin and rolled the dough out flat. “Now you can help me make shapes with the cookie cutters,” said Grandma.

“I’m good at that,” said Noah. “I’ll make a star!” Noah pushed the star-shaped cutter into the dough. But when he lifted it up, the dough stuck. Then he shook it, and the dough landed on the floor. “Oh, I wanted to help,” he said sadly.

“You will help,” said Grandma. “You will have the most important job of all.” Noah watched as Grandma put the cookie tray into the oven. Soon the cookies were done. “Now you can help, Noah,” said Grandma. “You can taste the cookies for me.”

“I can do that for sure!” said Noah. And he did. He tasted one cookie and another and another. “They taste awesome!” Noah said. “You make the best cookies in the world!” “And you are the best helper in the whole world,” said Grandma. “You are very good at tasting cookies!”

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