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Sharing stories has never been so easy. Bookr is a simple interactive tool that can be used by parents and students to create photo books from images from the picture sharing site Flickr.

With no sign up or registration required, it makes for a quick and easy-to-use tool that all children  can utilize. Simple instructions allow for even elementary children to use this tool. All you need to do is search for images with keywords or tags, choose the ones you want to use and write the captions.

When a book is completed, it is presented in animated flash as a flippable book. These files are perfect for projectors and interactive whiteboards with whole class instruction. Children can even email their books to parents where they can publish them on websites or blogs.

With its simple instruction and usage, children can quickly learn how to use Bookr. The stories they make can be read aloud where they can learn how images help build spoken words. Current themes like “A Day at the Zoo” or “Outer Space” that a group may be working on can be emphasized by making one of these story books.

Parents can find many ways to utilize this tool. It can serve as a visual guide in helping memorization of vocabulary. Books and stories can also be shared. If one parent makes a book helping children to learn the ABC’s, it will be available for other parents to use in their lessons, too.

In the Bookr archive you can see examples of some of the books people have already made. It is definitely a fun activity that children can use to build story telling or creative writing skills.

Try Bookr here!

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