Story Time for Me, and You!

Story time can be a great time to read with a group of children, with your friends at a play date or with your family at home. The great thing about stories is that they come in so many different forms. From traditional tales that can be told from generation to generation, to classic tales that get a new version every year, there are so many ways to enjoy and partake in this pastime.


A new site, called Story Time for Me offers a free reading program for preschool and elementary aged children. They can read, listen and enjoy interactive picture books, all on the computer. There is even an option to personalize a book where the child can become the star of the book!

Kids can be entertained for hours with the fun and interactive stories that are on this site. Each one has great illustrations, music and sound effects, which makes the stories more enjoyable for everyone and making kids more engaged!

The narrators of each story act as a personal reading coach to your child. With a clear voice and highlighted words, you can practice vocabulary, too. Clicking on the underlined words will allow you to hear the word repeated and brings a picture that will act as an additional learning tool for that word.

There are many fun and friendly characters to choose from like Fern the Fox or Ben the Mouse. They will guide your children on a fun and educational journey through their own words!

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