Story Time | Carlos and the Test | Phonemic Awareness

Rhyming Poem

Learn about Rhyming in this short poem about a boy taking a test.

Carlos and the Test 

Today’s the test
I feel so stressed
My mother said
You studied, you read.
Then I understood.
I studied the best I could.
And when the test is done
I’ll be ready to have some fun.
Okay, I’m ready for school.
I’ll sparkle like a jewel.

Here’s some questions you can ask about the poem:

What’s the poem about?
What does Carlos’ mother tell him that makes him feel better?
Which line rhymes with “I’ll be ready to have some fun”?
Can you say some other words that rhyme with “best”?
Can you think of a line to replace “I’ll sparkle like a jewel”?

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