Stories for Kids | Louis Armstrong

Subject: Reading

Subskill: Reading Comprehension

Concept: Author’s Purpose

Grade Level: Middle Elementary

A hard start in life does not always mean it has to end that way. In the year 1901, a boy was born in New Orleans in a rough neighborhood.  The boy’s father left his mother when he was young, so he had to go to work at the age of seven to help his family.

Louis – that was the boy’s name – loved all kinds of music. Soon he was able to buy himself a cornet (a type of trumpet) and learned to play it.

When he was in the third grade, he dropped out of school and was put in a home for troubled boys. While there he learned to play the bugle and joined the band.

He was released at age 13 and spent the next few years working hard again to earn money for his family. Whenever he had free time, he would listen to bands.  He even got to play some shows.

Eventually, Joe “King” Oliver, a famous cornet player, noticed the boy’s talent and became his mentor. The boy worked very hard and grew up to become famous. Today the world knows him as Louis Armstrong,  one of the greatest American jazz musicians of all times.

Here are some questions to ask after listening to the article:

What adjectives would you use to describe Louis Armstrong?

What happened after Louis was released from the home for troubled boys?

Why do you think the author wrote this article?

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