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Sometimes it is more about the long journey than it is about the end product. This is the thinking behind Google’s Search Stories. Popularized by their 2010 SuperBowl advertisement, Google found a new way to tell a story. By showing searches, links and the whole process of finding what you need, there is a whole new way to tell a story. With the Google Search Stories Video Creator, you and your kids can create your very own Google Search story!

google search stories

Using this tool could be a great way to integrate technology into the art of storytelling. First, you create a story. Once you have written the story, you can add music that will help determine the theme of what you have written. Next, you upload your story. As you are writing the story, you can use the Internet to search for websites, blogs, images, maps, news and much more!

This tool is a great way for kids to tell a story or explain something. By using this new way of telling a story, it opens their minds up to creativity. They can also incorporate new and emerging things they come across on the Internet into their tales.

By mixing up images, blogs, sites and more, students can add variety to their stories. This tool could be great for telling a historical event, a famous love story or explaining how people came about the solution for a famous mathematics equation! Students can use this tool before starting a specific lesson to see what they already know and to preview what facts they are going to be learning about next!

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