Stopping the Dropping – New Hope for Students

Not all students feel the encouragement and support from their peers, teachers and parents. For many, they are dropping out of school at an alarming rate. In Philadelphia, for example, the drop out rate for students is 1 in every 3, which is about the national average. Out of the 4 million students who enter high school each year, about 1.3 million will drop out. The video below explains more about this issue.


The reasons for the drop outs can range greatly from family problems to boredom to safety. Dropouts also have effects on the country as a whole. They cost taxpayers $8 billion annually. In addition, they end up making much less than those who graduate from school and earn a diploma. What is worse is that most of them remain unemployed and even worse, end up in jail.

Many people are trying to do something to stop this problem from continuing to grow in our country. A teacher from a private school in Los Angeles opened up a school with the same standards and curriculum in a low income area of the city. With requirements much like those in the top schools in the area, students who are admitted by lottery can enjoy the same advantages of the high cost schools of the elite.

Other schools are taking early steps to help prevent the dropout rate from increasing. Starting in 6th grade, students with repeat truants and failing grades, as well as those thinking of dropping out can visit a center that will help them stay in school.

With the rise of new centers and teachers getting more involved, hopefully the rate of dropouts continues to decrease.

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