Stage Right! – Story Making Resource for Kids

Having children tell a story is a great way for them to express creativity and use their imagination. Creating comics can be a innovative and engaging approach to telling a story.

Stage’d is an animated comic creator that alows kids to build their own comic strips. Not only can they view these comics, but they can do so in 3-D!


By creating a stage with characters, a script and plot, students will act as the director to their own production. There are plenty of characters, costumes and sets to choose from. From zombie faces to suits and pirate outfits, there are so many possibilities! There are even some characters that already have dialog provided. They can use this to re-tell a story or even demonstrate comprehension.

Once a child has created a comic strip, they can save it and email or link to it with a provided url. Parents will love using this tool. From illustrating vocabulary words to historical events, kids can use their creativity to tell a story or summarize their learning. Parents can even make their own productions to introduce new topics and concepts to children.

This tool would be even better if there was an audio portion that had each character speaking the written words, or even used the children’s voices to read the story. With the creators constantly adding new features to the site, who knows what’s next!

You can also share the stories with fellow children, blogs or link it to a Facebook or Twitter!

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