Spread Holiday Cheer with These Sites for Kids!

We all know that it is the holiday season! Everywhere we look we are reminded that it is that time of the year. From decorated malls to holiday music playing on the radio, it has arrived once again.

Even though most kids have a nice long break this month, there are still many great ways that they can keep learning while staying in the holiday spirit! There are tons of websites out there that are dedicated to the holiday season. Here is a quick list of four sites full of Christmas activities.


Kerri’s Christmas Page

This is a great site that is full of interesting information about Christmas. You and your children can learn about Christmas all around the world, learn some Christmas trivia, and even take some quizzes on the holiday! There are also suggested fiction and picture books and printable worksheets that are great for learning about the holiday.

Kaboose Christmas

Using games to celebrate the holiday season is a fun and easy way for kids to pay attention! You can play different games that let you help Santa save Christmas, or color holiday pictures. You can also learn how to wrap a present, play other games, and find printables, word finds, craft and songs!

Christmas Crafts Projects

Holidays also bring about many great projects that you can do with your kids at home. This site has tons of links that help you think of some holiday crafts. You can view a variety of Christmas projects like recipes, ornaments, recycled craft and how to videos.

Microsoft Word Christmas Cards

One thing that can always be done around the holidays is sending a card. Cards are great whether they are homemade or bought in a store. This site offers free Christmas card templates across many styles. It is great because they  can be modified so you can find the perfect card for you and your loved ones!

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