Spread Happiness and Feel Good!

Viral video campaigns are a great way to quickly spread a message. Whether it is for a cause, for advertising purposes, or simply for fun, millions of people can view your message from around the world.

Coca-Cola is no stranger to the viral marketing world. Last year, they came out with their Happiness Machine video, which showed people getting a free soda or other item that made them feel good. They have just released the sequel to this video, the Happiness Truck!

The Happiness Truck video shows a Coca-Cola truck going through the streets of Brazil and delivering “happiness” to its people. From a bottle of soda, to a soccer ball, to a surf board, there are several different items that come out of the truck. The basis of the video is making people feel good, something that we can not do enough of! It also shows that this message can be translated all over the world.

The global brand director for Coca-Cola said that there have been around 40 different inspirations from the original video. The video represents the brand well, using unexpected moments of joy and happiness to produce a good feeling.

Just as others have produced their own versions of delivering happiness to others, I think this video would be a great one to show to kids about getting involved with the community and helping others. It lets them know that you can do a random act of kindness that takes a short amount of time to make a bigger impact on someone else’s life.

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