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Spelling bees are something I used to always look forward to when I was in elementary school. I enjoyed preparing for them, learning new and difficult spellings of words and the challenge of remembering them when it was time for the competition. We used to hold all our spelling bees in the school’s cafeteria. With the advances in technology that have been happening since then, it comes as no surprise to many people that we can now hold these challenges online!

spelling bee

These sites are great for preparing children for a spelling bee, practicing challenging words, or just having some fun with new learning concepts!

Interactives Spelling Bee– This site is great because it has starting points for a variety of grade levels, from first grade through twelfth. Contestants will listen to three stories, one at a time, and then spell different words from those stories. You can click on words to hear them again and even ask for a definition if you are in grades third or higher. Review the words and spell them out to complete the sentences!

The Times Spelling Bee – This site will challenge some of the best spellers. Spell words correctly, as quick as you can, to earn points. You can hear the words again to ensure that you are spelling them correctly. This is a great quick game that will help you build spelling skills. There are also tons of other links to some great spelling resources.

Spelling Bee the Game – Based off of the movie and musical, this interactive site lets you really feel like you are in a real spelling challenge. Pick your character, hear the word and spell it! You can also get a definition of the word. There are other fun links and facts about the movie on this site, too.

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