Spell a Picture – Interactive Site for Learning

Kerpoof, a Disney owned company has recently added a great new activity to its site with that offers tons of practice for early learners.

Spell a Picture is a site for children where you can choose a background and then start spelling words until what you are spelling a word that will appear on the screen. For example, I chose the farm scene. Then I started spelling words that I would relate to a farm, like “cow”. As I was typing the letters, a picture of a cow showed up, I clicked it, and then moved it around in my picture.

You can enter the letters by typing on your keyboard or you can click on the letters that are provided. This video of a child using the program really shows how great this site is for learning! The video shows a perfect example of a child using the Spell a Picture website to practice spelling and reading words. It is great to see the website used in a practical and real way.

This tool could be used in a variety of ways including visual spelling lists or story starters. It is also a fun activity that will help your kids forget that they are learning while they are having fun!

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