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The Adjective Detective is a fun way for your kids to learn more about the different types of adjectives. From superlative adjectives to comparative adjectives, this site has it all!  The site is very interactive, with lessons, games and quizzes from the Children’s University of Manchester site.

adjective detective

The Adjective Detective gives students an overall lesson in adjectives to begin with. They also get an in-depth and interactive mini lesson where they can work with the different types of adjectives. The games are also available as students become a detective searching for the adjectives in the sentences presented. As they click on the words with their detective magnifying glass, they will receive instant feedback from the detective about their answer. There are also multiple choice questions that kids can answer in the form of a quiz.

The Adjective Detective would be a great addition, especially when doing specific grammar lessons or units. The colorful graphics will also make this a great site to use on your interactive white boards for whole group instruction. It is also a great source for extra practice with grammar for at home use. You can really get creative and create activities using the adjectives as clues in a detective game!

The site is ideal because it allows kids to work and learn at their own pace while getting immediate feedback. The fun game-like approach to grammar helps them have fun while learning. You can also find other great interactive lessons in different subject areas, so be sure to check out the Children’s University of Manchester site!

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