Solving Problems with the Touch of a Finger!

There are so many iPad and iPhone apps that are great for children. From learning their ABC’s to counting numbers, there are a ton of apps that focus on these simple and basic lessons. What is also great, is that there are so many more apps that focus on higher levels of education, which are great for older kids.


Algebra Touch is a recent app that has come out that lets kids physically manipulate equations. By using the features of an iPad or iPhone, like tapping, dragging and rearranging, they can solve algebraic equations.

There are two different modes that you can use. There is a teaching section where algebraic concepts like adding like terms, negative numbers, multiplication, order of operations, reducing fractions, and so much more can be found! There is a total of 17 different tutorial parts in this section.

In the practice section, you get the chance to practice everything that you learned in the teaching section. You can solve problems from each area of concepts, or you can create your own problems and solve them using the help of the app. It will save all problems that you have created so you can practice and use them again later.  More random questions will also be created so that you can have more practice with other concepts.

Another great feature is the speech bubble where you can ask for help from friends through email or Facebook! You can share solved equations to help others, too. By tapping and rearranging terms, you will learn to manipulate equations in no time!

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