Socializing on the Web – 3 Ideas for Social Media for Kids

Since kids today are so tech-savvy, it is no surprise that there are more social media sites and programs that are geared towards this younger crowd. Here is a list of 3 safe and simple social media sites that any youngster will be sure to penguin

Club Penguin

Club Penguin is an ad-free, virtual world where children can play games, have fun and interact with others. Recently joined with the Walt Disney Company, the two companies share an interest in providing a safe and fun experience for kids on the Internet. Kids are able to submit artwork, choose desktop wallpapers and color pages or comics. It is a way for them to get used to the world of social networking which they will soon be opened up to in the future.


This website provideseducators with a fast and easy way for to set up their very own blog. Kids don’t have to worry about losing a journal or leaving it at home. This provides a new way for them to discover the joys of writing. This safe and simple blogging platform allows you to give each child their own, unique blog. With simple login menus, they can easily access the site. Spell check ensures that children can see and correct any spelling mistakes. Parents can maintain complete control over the blogs by requiring posts to be approved before publishing. Visitor access can also be restricted to just class members or guests with a password.


This idea comes from a class at Sts. Philip and James School. They demonstrate how to use the social networking site, Twitter and creators of animated, content for students, BrainPOP to conduct interviews with BrainPop characters as a way to learn about the solar system. The class used a single Twitter account to ask questions that they had formed after studying the unit. Their answers were then “answered” by BrainPop characters. By having the answers available right on Twitter, the students had easily conducted their own “Twitterview”.

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